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Shaiya Legends whats new?


          Hello dear Shaiya player ! After 15 months of running, Admins and the staff team are happy to announce you the release of the new mode ! Yes, a new unique mode that you can have only here ! Shaiya Legends is now offering an Extreme Mode. What's new on it? Exp grinding, Extreme Gears, more stats. Every level gained on Extreme Mode will give you 10 stats points, instead of 9. You will be also able to use our 1year anniversary Gears, obtainable in game on some of our biggest boss's!
          We also are happy to announce the come back of the play to earn system ! After getting 30 VIP in game, you will be able to trade it to an VIP to USD Ticket, and you turn it into 10$ from our [Admin]Duyo.

Shaiya Legends is also now offering a good server protection against attack, with a new host ! 

          Some more update. for new players, blue rank is currently on x5 kills, x6 with Battlefield Rune ! Yellow Rank are on x1 kill, x2 with Battlefield Rune, so no worries about the rank everyone will be able to get a high one ! We also have a new Legends Necklace, giving +10 on all stat and 5 slot for the link, obtainable in game from a quest !

          Admins, GM's, GMA's and GS's can be easily reach on Shaiya Legends discord, or in game.

Don't loose more time, join us now !

Shaiya Legends meet the Admin!


Hey you! Yes you! Welcome to the Shaiya Legends website. My name is Justin Spade. I go by [Admin]Duyo in the game. We are an American owned Shaiya server that has been up for almost 1 year now. I provide to you a transparent server with an Admin that does not hide behind a screen. Say goodbye to shady anonymous server admins. In my experience if you don't know who the dev and admin is of a server then there is a high chance the server will be a rug pull. Which basically means after they get the money they will sweep the rug and leave all the players with no server. My Dms are open to players and donors alike. We have an open door policy which means you can go straight to the admin with any concern you have! Yup you heard that right i will never neglect a player. We have a fun, even server that's free of cheats or hacks and you have an admin here that can't be bought with money. Now with that said the only thing Shaiya Legends is missing is you! We will see you in game!


Admin’s Discord: Master Duyo#5708

Server’s Discord: https://discord.gg/x7fg4zYjDZ

Shaiya Legends Never die!

Hello everyone. We are entering our 9th month! We have had our ups and downs but we are growing again. With over 100 players every day all we are missing is you! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our staff team we welcome you all to shaiya legends! May be an anime-style image of 1 person and text

Help me, I got SCAMMED!

Every day, we the higher staff face this question from players who get scammed by other players. Despite all the warnings, reminders, and systems we've put in place, this problem has never gone away.

In real life, we always see

The company is not responsible for your lost or stolen property


The same rule applies in-game. Everything you own, from your items to your personal information or account information is your responsibility. Keep it safe as much as possible.

We the Shaiya Legends Staff Team will never ask for your username or password.
We the Shaiya Legends Staff Team will never conduct a transaction with you with a tag-less character.
We the Shaiya Legends Staff Team 
DO NOT SUPPORT Real Money Transactions outside server currencieswe cannot assist anyone who's scammed by ignoring our warning.

VIP Trades
You are allowed to sell your items or accounts for VIP. Real Money trades are not allowed.
Avoid getting scammed by using VIP coins to buy and sell items. 
It's trackable and safer than trusting random people.

Here's a quick link to our Terms of Service to learn more about what we allow and don't allow on this server: http://shaiyalegends.com/Info/TermsOfService

Be Safe!


 Shaiya Legend's Administration Team

Champions are Known; Legends are Never Forgotten!

Shaiya Legends has been improving day by day. New professional staff members, new game features, mounts, costumes, weapon skins, and gameplay improvements have been added for your enjoyment and;

Now, with the help of a former admin of one of the longest-lasting private servers of all time, [Admin]Blitz, we will push forward to even greater lengths.

Be part of our quest for greatness!

Our server features will include the following:


  • 3-PvP-Zones: 15-30-70
  • Type: PvP/PvE
  • Exp Rate: 300% 
  • Weapon Skins, and Shield Skins like no other.
  • Custom Pets, Mounts, and Costumes with +10 on all stats
  • Kill Rate: x1
  • Open door policy which means you can go straight to the admin about any concern
  • 10 stats per rank starting with rank 1
  • Shared Kills on all Characters: Gain the same amount of kills with other characters on the same account.
  • Dex working as intended
  • Starter Gears available for 15-30-70 Zone
  • *New* 70 gear free for new characters
  • FREE Lapises Duals Lv1-4 & Ele 1 Via NPC
  • FREE Vote Bag every 7 votes
  • Max Lapis Lv7, Elemental Lapis Lv2.
  • AUTO PICK-UP SYSTEM: items go directly into your inventory without the need of a party.
  • Auto-Notice when a BOSS SPAWNS or DIES.
  • Skill Cut fixed (Jump/Mount/Rune)
  • Leader Resurrection & 4 second UT resurrection to prevent spawn kills
  • FFA (Free For All) System
  • Automated scheduled events (15/30/70 MM's and FFA's. 70 Topless and 70 naked) All automated with notices. Portals will open up at a certain time and summon out after time is over just like GRB. Say goodbye to GM-hosted events!
  • Decreased Loading Screen Time
  • Automatic Anagram event
  • Custom Maps
  • Cross-Faction Whisper on all maps
  • Quick Teleport Commands
  • Shift Dismantle/Leave to prevent accidental dismantles.
  • DDoS Protection
  • Anti-Cheat system
  • Custom Quests
  • Daily 15 or 30 events.
  • Click shift to learn 9 stats at a time
  • 3rd skill bar and Shift x/z extra potion bar
  • Advanced player radar (You can see lights and darks further away on minimap than you can look in-game) Fan favorite feature
  • Bounty system (Command !bounty "Player name" Amount of DP) { !bounty Kyle 500 }
  • Balanced classes (Defense capped on fig/def war/guard)
  • Instant Mounts (no cooldown and no loading)
  • Personalized Original Soundtrack
  • Global Kill Tracker, Personal kill tracker and kill streak tracker

Let's be LEGENDARY!!!

Shaiya Legends Administration Team

Join our discord for more updates:http://discord.gg/V6gUZek4qE

IP Security is a must Activate it to be Safe!

Recently, a lot of players have been reporting that their accounts have been accessed by someone else even though they have never shared their account information. This is not new to us. We have been dealing with this for years ever since several server databases were exposed some time back. To make sure that your account is secure, make sure that your password is not the same as the password you have on the other servers and activate the IP Security feature that we've added several versions back to deter this dilemma.
Follow the steps found in this video:

IMPORTANT: This feature will require you to confirm your new IP address via email. Make sure that your account email is correct. (Google Mail [gmail] preferred)

For more information and assistance, join our discord: https://discord.gg/V6gUZek4qE

Shaiya Legends Staff