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Shaiya Legends Grand Reopening!!!

Hello one and all! After some time i have decided to reopen Shaiya Legends. I dont want just to open any server... I want something new that other servers dont have... no one wants the same old thing. So thats what im preparing!


As of now we do not have a release date because i want to make things perfect for you guys. I am doing a $500 cash give away to a random player on discord on the date of the opening (With proof of it being sent). And i will be giving a 300$ cash prize to the first person to 10,000 kills.


To spice things up i will be doing weekly 1v1 events winner takes all! Im considering this cash prize to be 100$ weekly. Details not fully worked out yet


. Some of the few things that we will include are 100% automated event portals such as GRB portals. We will have Monster maddness/naked in the 15 zone 30 zone and 70 zone every week no staff needed... a total of 6 weekly automated events!!


Weapon skins, costumes etc.


We plan on making a referral system. Each account wil have its only advertising link. If someone clicks that links and signs up and get X amount of kills you will get a prize. (Possibly a monthly cash prize for first place each month)


And this is just the tip of the iceburg. We did it once we will do it again. Legends never die!! They become apart of you. https://discord.gg/sgWQVa5


Be sure to like comment and subscribe!!!

15 & 30 Events Coming Soon !!!!

Starting in the middle of October we will begin hosting 15 and 30 events on Tuesdays and Fridays. First event will be in 15 zone on the 15th . Times will be posted in Events section of discord. We hope to see you there !!!

Apply for staff today !!!

Now accepting applications for [GS] with advancement opportunities .Candidates must be respectful of other players/ people and set a good example. Must be active and reliable. Please apply on Discord under [GS]Applications