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it's beginning to look alot like christmas!!!

Hello everybody. We have added stated ele lapis and Christmas/Santa lapis to the server!!! We have also added new christmas costumes <3 and cute little santa helmets. New christmas weapon skins to come!!!! Please be sure to check those out.Also!! Congratz too Nikolaew for winning 20 vip from out last like comment and sub video. Today's new video is very special... The jbros go through all the comments from out last video and reply to them. This is an awesome way to connect with our players. One lucky person to like comment and sub will have a chance to win 20 vip points the next time we upload a shaiya video. I hope to see you guys hyping up the chat again on this new video. Thank you so much guys!! And special shaiya out to [GS]Koya for being our first and only member to our youtube channel. Read the video description on how to become a member and the perks it comes with!! Thanks again as always everybody.No description available.

Happy Thanksgiving (Blackfriday Promotion)

I want to wish you a very happy thanksgiving.
Even if this is not something you all celebrate I want to say im thankful for my community from the players who have been so so faithful since day one, until the ones that have just joined.

Many of you have asked me to do a black friday sale so HERE IT IS!

For 2 days only, on the 100 EU donation option for DP its doubled!!!

Thanks again.

Be safe and blessings to all of you!


Happy Halloween!!!

Hey guys i hope you have an amazing Halloween!!! We have done a webmall update. Perfect linking hammers are now 500 DP. Armor box's are 500 DP. Weapon box's are 250 DP. And tops are 1000 DP. For the next week only anyone who donates 100 EU will get a custom Mummy or Skulls costume. There will be no way to obtain them after this week so they will forever be rare and highly sought after. This promo does stack. Also shout out to -Hy who won our last weeks youtube video event. We are now doing a new one! One lucky person to like comment and subscribe to it will win 20 vip!! Good luck!

Donation PROMO. And VIP give away event.

Whats going on guys we are doing a Donation PROMO for the next 72 hours. Anyone who makes a single purchase of 100 EU or more will recieve 20 vip  points for free. We will insert the 20 vip manually so please give us up to 12 hours to insert it thank you. We also have a buy one get one free 1 stack of rec runes and plh for the next 72 hours. Be sure to check out the new shield weapon skins and instant mounts on the webmall!

Also One lucky winner to like comment and subscribe to this video will win 20 vip points. June. was the winner of our last event thanks so much everyone for your support!

Real Legends from Shaiya Legends!!!

( JOIN FURY FACTION!! <3 )Whats going on guy this video is a mix of pvp from the last week. This video is a bit different though. This video shows more than our toons but shows the faces behind them. I thought this would be a great way to remind our selves that we are all people behind the screen and to respect one another. Thank you for those who sent me a video to edit and post in this video. One lucky winner to like comment and subscribe will get 20 vip points. Enjoy and thank you!!! 

Halloween Update 10/1/2020

Hello everyone we have a promo going on right now for the start of october! We have a buy one get one free premium rune for 48 hours. A buy one get one free perfect linking hammer for 48 hours. And anyone who donates a single donation of 100 EU + in dp will receive 15 vip. ( Inserted with in 24 hours. And yes this promo can stack) this will last for 7 days. To the webmall we have added lvl 15, 30 and 70 pumpkin helmets. Perfect Extraction Hammers. And we added 10 dp coins for 11 dp. And last but for SURE not least we have added halloween weapon skins and costumes to the webmall!!! Be sure to check us out on youtube to see what they look like!


One lucky winner to like comment and subscribe if you have not already will win 20 vip points enjoy!

Awesome first day!

Such an awesome first day about 800 accounts made!!! 


As i promised we are hearing your guys suggestions and making this the server you want to be!!! We will do this quick server restart in about 2 hours and 40 minutes around the

time boss's will spawn so extra boss's do not flood the server! :) This wil be AROUND 5:00 server give or take some.


64 weapons will drop on first 3 mobs in vr/pr instead of just the first ones.


Rec runes will now drop with a 10% chance in 15 zone


Rec runes will now drop with a 10% chance in 30 zone.

Stigma boss's have a 10% chance to drop 10 DP. Also a 5% chance to drop a premium bag. And a Fortune coin 3 with a 100% chance. Mini boss's and mobs will drop nothing to

avoid botting.


All boss's will have there hp reduced by half for the first couple weeks of the server as it was highly requested <3


15 and 30 mobs will drop 5's with a 10% chance.


Dragon Fangs hill in Dwater will drop 5's with a 10% chance.


5's have been removed from the npc in ah since we are making it very easy to farm them.


Drops will be added to Calico


Fatties will drop regnum acc's with a 10% chance instead of a 5% chance.


A new quest has been added in KI where you must kill 50 wind/earth golems and you get a free premium Bag.


Added Quest in KI where you must kill 50 fire/water golems to get a 24 hour Battle field rune.


Adding 15 shield to npc in ah


64 enchant material will drop with a 10% chance on the first  3 mobs in vr/pr


Added  Mystra Weapon And Armor box's to Premium bag with a 1% drop rate.


Thank you guys and please continue to let us hear your suggestions. We have clearly taken them seriously as you guys are so awesome!! And will continue to do so :) We hear you!!! Legends never die!!!!

We are about to go live!!!

We are about to go live guys! Im so excited for the relaunch of the famous Shaiya Legends that lasted well over one year! We open on tomorrow on 5th 2020 at 6 am CST this is 11 AM UTC. This is also 7 PM in the philippines. Any votes you make from here on out will stay. You may also donate today for anything you want to donate for and get that all squared away and those items will be on your account when you first log in. Anyone who spends 10 EU or more will get a special weapon skin on or around the time we open. This specific weapon skin will not be able to be obtained anywhere in game after we open on the 5th. I thank you for everyone who has waited for us to reopen and the loyal players. Exspecially a big shout out to the staff who played a major role in re opening. 


Shaiya Legends Grand Reopening!!!

Helloone and ll! Afterme time i have decided to reopen Shaiya Legends. I dont want just to open any server... I want something new that other servers dont have... no one wants the same old thing. So thats what im preparing!


As of now we do not have a release date because i want to make things perfect for you guys. I am doing a $500 cash give away to a random player on discord on the date of the opening (With proof of it being sent). And i will be giving a 300$ cash prize to the first person to 10,000 kills.


To spice things up i will be doing weekly 1v1 events winner takes all! Im considering this cash prize to be 100$ weekly. Details not fully worked out yet


. Some of the few things that we will include are 100% automated event portals such as GRB portals. We will have Monster maddness/naked in the 15 zone 30 zone and 70 zone every week no staff needed... a total of 6 weekly automated events!!


Weapon skins, costumes etc.


We plan on making a referral system. Each account wil have its only advertising link. If someone clicks that links and signs up and get X amount of kills you will get a prize. (Possibly a monthly cash prize for first place each month)


And this is just the tip of the iceburg. We did it once we will do it again. Legends never die!! They become apart of you. https://discord.gg/sgWQVa5


Be sure to like comment and subscribe!!!

15 & 30 Events Coming Soon !!!!

Starting in the middle of October we will begin hosting 15 and 30 events on Tuesdays and Fridays. First event will be in 15 zone on the 15th . Times will be posted in Events section of discord. We hope to see you there !!!