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1v1 video coming soon!

Hey guys sorry its been such a long time with out uploading a video. I have been busy in real life with some stuff ( im going to become an uncle ). Anyways we will have a 1v1 class vs class event coming up soon. Discord announcements will be coming soon with more details.

The massive 7v7 event watch it youself in HD !

Hope you guys enjoed the event and enjoy this video. As always one lucky person to like comment and sub will win 30 vip points. Or maybe two people.

End of month promtion/patch notes!!!

Regnum bags in vr/pr now drop Tier 1 gear with a 2% chance


Changed Urbus Warriors to Urbus Hunters


Firsts mobs in vr/pr have a 1% chance to drop a Fortune Bag lvl 6.Fortune bag 6 have a 10% plh. 10% 1000 sp coin. 10% stat rec rune. 5% pre ele top. 5% pre ele weapon. 20% Legendary acc's. 10% Legends cape. 10% random costume. 10% x1 boss bag. 10% v2 lvl 6 lapis.


First second third and fourth riddler in jungle now drop Legends material with a 10% chance.


Lvl 6 V2 lapis have been added in Fortune bags and on webmall for vip points.


Lvl 30 cape added to ares and vip points.


Instant mounts tradable.


vip coin added on webmall.


Weekly/monthly ranks is fixed.


Fortune coin1/2 removed from regnum bags.


All of the premium VIP items are buy one get one accept the vip coins.


LP coins and 100 LP coins added to web mall.


Stat rec runes added 500 points each. ( Temporary)


Buy one get one stat removal runes added for 15 vip points each ( Temporary)


All legends points have been doubled


500 EU Legends points option added anyone who buys this will have  a costume of choice with 10 of each stat made.


Vr/PR mini bosses will be added in the next coming days. As well as a 15/30 mini boss being added.

Thank you 1000 subs! 300 vip point give away!

Wow! A big thank you to everyone from the shaiya legends community who helped me get to 1000 subscribers. This is just a personal greeting thanking you guys. One lucky person to like comment your toon name and sub with get 300 vip points for this VERY special occasion. Hope you guys can get past my cringy face LOL. And i hope in some way you can find this video some what enjoyable... maybe. Thanks again guys i love you! 


Shaiya Legends FFA event.

Hey guys a new week a new event. Congratz to WhiteTiger and DeathMagChaos for winning 35 vip points last week. Also thank you for 1300 views in 5 days. We have right now 990 subscribers we are SO close to  hitting 1k. Please help the team reach 1k subs by subbing to this video. One or two lucky people to do so will win 35 vip points. THANK YOU to everyone who supports us even those who dont have time to play shaiya. Most of all be sure to enjoy this video as always!

Shaiya legends 30 and 15 pvp is active!

Alot of players are looking for a server where 15 and 30 is active... Well we have you covered! We have daily bosses and events in the 15 and 30 zone. Enjoy the video guys ! One lucky person to like comment and subscribe will win a premium rune! 

Team vs team Tournament coming soon!!!

Its here and its what you have all been asking for. A 7v7 team vs team is coming to shaiya legends. The prizes will be custom that no one else has. Stay tuned to see what they are. We will be announcing on discord further updates on the event. Enjoy the video and as always a couple lucky peopleto like comment and subscribe you will win 35 vip points!


1/4/2020 Like comment and subscribe event!

These are a couple videos of the events we had through out the last week. We really hope you like it. Give us a postive comment with your toon name to let us know you guys care about us!!! We read and try to reply to EVERY single comment because it means SO much to us. And above all else please enjoy the video and we hope you see your self in it :).


PS we picking 2~3 winners for EACH video.

Like comment and subscribe event

Check out our newest youtube video! I hope you guys enjoy it. Two lucky winners to like comment and sub to our channel ( if your not already subbed) will win 35 vip points enjoy!!! https://youtu.be/OCqsNC21xHM


Also ever wanted to buy a INSTANT EXTREMLY fast mount with 25 of each stat? Well now is the best time to do it! We have a sale on them. Donate now and get it for 75 vip points!

Merry early christmas!

Hey guys we are having a double SP promo and increased VP promo when you donate!!!


New Santa/christmas lapis dropping in game.


New pre ele tops and more!!!


Huge christmast patch has been added with tons of things to do up until the christmas season ends. Christams boxes santa trolls you name it!


For more information please check out the discord channel under patch notes for more details!!



Thanks for reading and merry christmas!